Those 50 sirens blaring at San Onofre? Don't worry it's just a test

48602 full
48602 full

If you live around the San Onofre nuclear plant, don’t be alarmed if you hear sirens going off Wednesday morning.

It's Southern California Edison’s annual safety test of San Onofre.

The plant has been closed since January after a tiny leak of radioactive steam, but the test goes on.

In all, 50 sirens will blare for three minutes each from 10:00 a.m. to noon.

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The sound is more of a steady tone than the police or fire sirens we’re used to hearing.

The test comes four days after a pipe at the plant leaked flammable hydrogen gas.

Edison said it quickly fixed the leak and no one was ever in danger.

The utility has submitted a proposal to re-start one of the closed reactors at reduced power, which the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is currently reviewing.

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