Some TV distributors haven't signed deals to air Lakers games

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If you get television through Cox, DIRECTV or the DISH Network, you won’t be able to watch Wednesday’s Los Angeles Lakers game — barring a last-minute agreement with Time Warner Cable.

Time Warner, which has the rights to air most Lakers games, has not reached a deal with those distributors, a spokeswoman told KPCC. Negotiations are continuing, she said.

So far, Time Warner Cable has signed deals with AT&T U-Verse, Bright House Networks, Verizon FiOS and Charter Communications. 

Time Warner Cable is reportedly asking for nearly $4 per month per customer to get access to two sports networks.

Courtney Brunious, assistant director of USC’s Sports Business Institute, said he believes other TV distributors will sign a deal eventually.

“Once one deal happens, then you have a baseline to work off from,” Brunious said. “Once one domino falls, it starts to help with some other deals.”

Even if Lakers fans don’t have TV access to games, Brunious said they will find a way to watch their favorite team play. They could go to a friend’s house or a sports bar, he suggested.

But that’s easy for him to say. Brunious has Time Warner Cable, so he won’t have to leave his couch to watch the game.

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