It's Election Day: 10 headlines that tell today's story

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It's finally here! It's Election Day. After months of campaigning and some $2 billion spent by both campaigns, it means political junkies will finally get some answers and those who aren't too enamored with Washington, will stop seeing ads on TV.

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With that, here are 10 headlines that tell today's story:

-- "New Hampshire hamlet casts the first votes of Election Day 2012" (Washington Post): And it was was a tie: Obama and Romney both received five votes.

-- "Obama sheds a tear at final campaign rally" (Politico)

-- "Romney makes final push in N.H." (Sea Coast Online): Remember Romney kicked off his campaign in New Hampshire. He will end it there today.

-- Officials Rush to Find Ways for the Storm-Tossed to Vote (New York Times)

-- N.J.'s emergency e-mail voting system could cause problems, experts say ("The New Jersey Star-Ledger")

-- WaPo-ABC tracking poll: final weekend tally is Obama 50, Romney 47, still a 'margin of error' contest (Washington Post)

-- 21 moments that defined the campaign and America (CNN)

-- Next Congress to bring more minorities to Hill (Politico)

-- Florida's New Battleground: The State Supreme Court (NPR)

-- Here's how to tell who's winning Ohio on election night (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

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