New numbers give Ruiz slightly bigger lead over Bono Mack

Raul Ruiz and Mary Bono Mack

KPCC and Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Emergency room physician Raul Ruiz, has widened his lead over Republican incumbent Mary Bono Mack.

The election isn’t over yet, at least in the 36th Congressional District in Pal Springs and the Coachella Valley.

New numbers show Democratic challenger Raul Ruiz slightly widening his lead over eight-term Republican Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack.

The new results show Ruiz increased his lead by 122 votes, meaning he now has an advantage of 4,679 votes.

The LA Times and other newspapers have already called the race for Ruiz and he told KPCC it’s essentially over.

"We’re very confident and very happy with results and yes, I am expecting to be declared the winner," Ruiz said on Wednesday.

Late on election night, Bono Mack told The Desert Sun that based on voting trends, "Historically speaking, he [Ruiz] will win."

She hasn’t officially conceded because she says there are so many uncounted ballots.

The Riverside Registrar’s Office says it still has tens of thousands of mail-in, provisional, and damaged ballots to process, but most of those are countywide – not in the smaller 36th district.

 The registrar will announce updated numbers Friday night.

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