Holiday airfares going up; will it affect your plans? (poll)

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28439 full

If you’re eager to fly home for the holidays, you'd better purchase your plane ticket soon. Each day you procrastinate on buying your ticket could add $5 to $10 on your airfare, according to travel website FareCompare.

Travelers are already paying five percent more on regular plane tickets this year compared to 2011, said FareCompare. Airlines sell holiday fares at an even higher premium.

Haven’t purchased your ticket yet? There is still hope. Anne McDermott, editor at FareCompare, recommends looking for flights that connect through other airports and experimenting with bookings on Thanksgiving or Christmas day

Once you have your ticket, expect large crowds wherever you’re flying from, including Los Angeles International Airport. Travel website Orbitz predicts that LAX will be the nation’s second-busiest airport during Thanksgiving. The nation's busiest airport is Chicago O'Hare.

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