Huntington Beach City Council weighs whether to trap and kill coyotes

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The Huntington Beach City Council is figuring out Monday night how to deal with an increase in complaints about coyotes.

Mayor Pro Tem Devin Dwyer says it’s become a safety issue. He wants police to retain a licensed trapper who’d catch and kill the animals. 

Maria Young of Huntington Beach has organized an online petition against Dwyer’s plan. She says it includes dozens of signatures. 

“People are confused about coyote behavior. They think that they’re bold and brazen when in fact, I think people feeding them are causing them to lose their fear of humans," she said. "So by educating people and bringing awareness of the situation, I think we can co-exist with these coyotes.”

Councilman Joe Carchio has drafted a separate ordinance that, if passed, would ban people from feeding coyotes and other non-domestic animals in residential neighborhoods.

Huntington Beach Police say that in a year they’ve taken more than 200 calls about coyote sightings, and that coyotes have reportedly killed more than two-dozen pets.

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