LA Muslims and Jews to tell real-life stories in the style of 'The Moth'

Ruxandra Guidi

The interior of King Fahad mosque in Culver City, a NewGround partner with Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills.

The event is modeled after the popular live and radio nonfiction storytelling series, “The Moth”. Six local Jews and Muslims will share their personal stories.

“We’re going to be shaping the entire event to say, ‘yes, our communities are stakeholders and have a sense of home in what’s happening in Israel and in Gaza,” says Rabbi Sarah Bassin of NewGround, a Muslim-Jewish partnership in LA that's helping to organize the event. She's aware of the ways the cross-border skirmish provokes strong emotions about home turf.

“At the same time, that’s not the only thing that defines our two communities," she points out. "And we need to broaden our perspectives on what ‘home’ means to us, and not isolate it down to this one particular conflict.”

Sixteen different Muslim and Jewish organizations plan to take part in the December 2nd event. It will benefit Family Promise, an interfaith organization that fights homelessness.

In the last week, many of these groups have also facilitated discussions between Southland Jews and Muslims of all ages, about their insights and reactions around the recurring Middle East violence.

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