DUI suspect booked for manslaughter after hitting Torrance man


NBC LA footage of officials on the scene where a DUI suspect was stopped after pummeling a Torrance man with her car.

A suspected drunk driver is in custody after hitting a Torrance pedestrian and driving over two miles with the dying man stuck to her windshield, authorities said Sunday.

Torrance police Lieutenant Stephen D'Anjou said 51-year-old Sherri Wilkins was arrested late Saturday on suspicion of driving under the influence and manslaughter.

D'Anjou said 31-year-old Phillip Moreno was crossing Torrance Boulevard near Madrid Avenue when he was struck. Wilkins kept driving for over two miles with the man on the hood of the car, until witnesses persuaded her to stop near Crenshaw Boulevard and 182nd Street.

"He is literally embedded in her hood and into the windshield," Torrance police Sgt. Robert Watt told the Los Angeles Daily News. "She knew he was somehow embedded into her car but she panicked."

The L.A. Daily News reported that traffic investigators did not release the results of Wilkins' breath test, but said her blood-alcohol measured at nearly twice the legal limit for driving.

Moreno was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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