No bail for Riverside man charged in terrorism case

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A federal judge ordered that a 21-year-old Riverside man facing terrorism charges be held without bail at a hearing on Monday.

The government says Arifeen David Gojali was the last of four suspects to join a homegrown terror cell that was planning to join al-Qaida and the Taliban and commit “violent jihad.”

Judge Sheri Pym said Gojali poses a significant flight risk and a threat to the community. She set a preliminary hearing date for Dec. 5.

Gojali, clothed in an orange jump suit and wearing handcuffs and leg irons, was silent and emotionless throughout the brief proceeding. His girlfriend told reporters as she was leaving: “He’s a really good guy.”

Two other suspects from the Inland Empire are also being held without bail. They and Gojali were arrested in Chino on Nov. 16, after booking airline tickets to Afghanistan.

The supposed ringleader, already in Afghanistan, was detained the next day.

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