Couples line up to wed on 12/12/12

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12/12/12 is proving to be a popular day for wedding plans.  

The Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder's office saw it coming.  It's offering expanded wedding ceremony services in satellite locations, giving an option to those who didn't want to travel to the main office in Norwalk.  

L.A. County's district office  in  Beverly Hills doesn't normally officiate wedding ceremonies on Wednesdays, but it made an exception for  12/12/12.  19 couples made appointments to wed there.  

Lisa Leist and Ron Hershewe  held small bouquets of red flowers while they waited for their turn in the chapel.  Leist said the date was important, not just because it's the last time this century the numbers can line up in this way, but because of the number 12's symbolism in their relationship. 

"We've been together 12 years," she said giddily.   Hershewe wasn't so sure about that, but Leist explained that her groom was so happy, he'd lost track of time.   The couple met in the Silverlake neighborhood, where they live across the street from one another. 

"On our first date, he gave me a calendar," Leist remembered and started to cry. "And I knew that meant we were going to be together a long time." 

Some other marrying couples at the office weren't aware of the date's signficance; they'd simply accepted the wedding appointment because it was convenient. 


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