Raid finds 16 tons of pot in Long Beach

This is some of the 16 tons of pot seized at the Rolling Hills Nursery in Long Beach Thursday, December 13, 2012, in one of the biggest marijuana busts in California history. (Credit: LA County Sheriff's Department)

Police aren't saying much, but it's clearly one of the biggest pot busts in California history.

Narcotics cops from several law enforcement agencies raided the Rolling Hills Nursery on Orange Avenue in Long Beach Thursday afternoon and found 16 tons of weed, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

The department said that as they executed a search warrant, officers found the marijuana in two large storage containers that were stored on the property.

So how much would that much green fetch on the streets - or in the hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries that operate in the region? Officials placed the value at between $150 - $300 million dollars, depending on the quality.

Officers arrested four male Hispanic suspects at the scene and took them to Lakewood Sheriff's Station for booking, the statement said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Headquarters Narcotics Bureau is leading the continuing investigation. 

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