Bankrupt Kodak ending Disneyland sponsorship

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Kodak – one of three remaining founding sponsors of Disneyland – is ending its advertising at the theme park when this year comes to a close.

For decades, at Disneyland and then at California Adventure, the company sponsored “Picture Spots” – locations worthy of snapping Kodak moments.

And that wasn’t all.

“They have sponsored our camera centers, our guide maps, as well as some of our attractions,” said Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown.

Once one of the mightiest brands in America, Kodak has been dying a slow death. It's another casualty of the digital age its own engineers helped to introduce.

The company filed for bankruptcy in January and removed its name from Hollywood’s Kodak Theater shortly before this year’s Academy Awards.

 Kodak’s departure from Disneyland leaves the theme park with only two original sponsors, Coca-Cola and Nestle, which used to be Carnation.

Disneyland representatives won’t say whether the park has a new photography sponsor lined up.

Your move, Instagram.

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