Is an NFL-ready stadium a Hail Mary pass for LA?

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AEG has pitched to build an NFL stadium next to Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. A rival development wants to accommodate the team in the City of Industry. Will a pro football team respond to either lure?

The Los Angeles region's quest to bring back the National Football League is the story I've paid a lot of attention to in 2012 and really look forward to following in 2013.

After more than two years of politicking, planning, designing and studying the environmental impacts, the City of Los Angeles signed a deal in October with Anschutz Entertainment Group to build Farmers Field in downtown Los Angeles. Only a few weeks earlier, AEG's owner Phil Anchutz announced he was selling the company, prompting many observers to wonder whether a change in ownership would affect the Farmers Field deal. Meanwhile, billionaire Ed Roski's proposal to build a stadium in the City of Industry remained in play.

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What fascinates me about this story is that for all the preparation and run-up, a key ingredient is absent: an NFL team ready to relocate.

2013 should be the year we find out which team – or teams –  would be interested...or not...and who will buy AEG. So many government and business leaders in the region want the NFL back so badly, the preparations must continue.

Pasadena's  City Council has changed an ordinance to allow for more major events at the Rose Bowl so an NFL team may squat there while its permanent digs are under construction.   Angry Rose Bowl neighbors are threatening to sue the city and to recall their City Council member who supported changing an ordinance...all because an NFL team MIGHT be coming  to L.A.

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