FTC upholds ruling against LA-based POM Wonderful for deceptive advertising

This October 19, 2010 photo illustration


This October 19, 2010 photo illustration shows a bottle of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice. The FTC upheld a ruling against POM Wonderful for making false and deceptive claims about its juice and supplements derived from it.

The Federal Trade Commission still believes that POM Wonderful’s products aren’t quite as wonderful as originally advertised.

Remember the pomegranate craze? POM Wonderful gets credit for starting it. Its advertising relied on claims that its pomegranate juice is super healthy, and consumers were ready to pay  extra for it.  The Federal Trade Commission, however, didn’t buy it.  In September 2010, the FTC  filed a complaint against POM. and its L.A.-based parent company Roll International.

In May 2012,  a federal administrative law  judge ruled against POM Wonderful.  

The ruling said the company's claims that its pomegranate juice could treat or prevent heart disease, prostate cancer and other illnesses were false or deceptive.   POM appealed, but the FTC voted unanimously to uphold the ruling .  It also barred the company from making future claims without support from two clinical trials.

POM Wonderful is sticking by its health claims and plans to take the case to federal court. 

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