Avon will close a Pasadena facility that employs 170 people

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53781 full

Avon announced on Wednesday that the company will close its distribution facilities in Pasadena and Atlanta.

The Pasadena center employs 170 workers and some additional support and administrative staff. For more than half a century, the workers have filled orders placed by Avon representatives on the West Coast. 

"The decision to close these U.S. facilities is necessary to right-size our U.S. supply chain footprint, reduce complexities and restore the health of the U.S. business," Avon said in a statement.  

Closing down the facilities in Pasadena and Atlanta is part of a plan to save the company about 400 million dollars per year.

Orders processed at the Atlanta branch will begin to transition to Avon’s Zanesville, Ohio facility in coming months. That process is expected to be completed this summer.

An Avon spokeswoman says the company is still working on plans for how to fill West Coast orders, so the Pasadena facility will likely keep running until next year. But the company wanted to give the people who work there plenty of time to plan their next move.

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