'Letters from Los Angeles' exhibit featured at LA Art Show

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The Los Angeles Art Show opens Wednesday at the L.A. Convention Center.

Letters from Los Angeles” is one exhibit on display.

Curator Jack Rutberg explains that while people may recognize other cities through architecture or monuments, signs and billboards often evoke L.A. around the world. 

“We, Los Angeles, Southern California, is identified internationally by typography and what I mean by that is Twentieth Century Fox, MGM, the Hollywood sign," Rutberg says. "It has infused the way we see our own city, too, so consequently artists - even unknowingly - have had a comfort with employing letters and numerals within works of art." 

“Letters from Los Angeles” showcases text-driven works by L.A. artists. Ed Ruscha popularized this style in the 1960's and some of his paintings will be on display. Other works in the exhibit include an artist's take on Disney, a reading chart from an eye doctor and a yellow submarine.

Rutberg will host a panel discussion with artists on the significance of text in their work at 12 p.m.  Saturday.

"Letters from Los Angeles" will be on display at the L.A. Art Show through Sunday. 

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