Health officials announce recall local pasta brand for failure to warn of food allergens

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California health officials are warning consumers with food allergies to keep from eating a local brand of pasta containing ingredients that could touch off common food allergies.

The pasta products come from San Gabriel-based Yolanda Quality Foods. The company has initiated a recall of its ravioli, gnocchi tortellini and tortelloni products after it failed to include on its labels that wheat and/or milk were among the ingredients. 

Officials at the California Department of Public Health warn that the pasta can cause life-threatening allergic reactions in those consumers with severe sensitivity to wheat and milk allergens.

Here are product numbers, names and sizes of the recalled pastas, with the allergens in parentheses:

Classic Gnocchi 12 oz. - GN12  (wheat, milk)
Cheese Tortellini 12 oz. - TIC12  (wheat)
Spinach Tortellini w/Cheese 12 oz. - TIS12  (wheat)
Cheese Tortelloni 12 oz. - TOC12  (wheat)
Jumbo Florentine Ravioli Classic 12 oz. - JCF1212  (wheat)

Classic Large Square Ravioli Mushroom 10 oz. - LSM12  (wheat)
Spinach Tortellini w/Cheese 10 lb. bulk case - TIS10  (wheat)
Tortellini w/Five Cheese 10 lb. bulk case - TIC10  (wheat)
Cheese Tortelloni 10 lb. bulk case - TOC10  (wheat)
Spinach Tortelloni w/Cheese 10 lb. bulk case - TOS10  (wheat)

Officials at the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) say they're working with the pasta manufacturer to identify and alert distributors of the labeling problem.

They urge consumers with food allergies to either throw away or return the pasta for refund.

To report the sale of these products, call the CDPH toll-free complaint line at (800) 495-3232.