Life expectancy of Orange County residents lengthens by 5 years since 1990, report says

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If you want to live a longer life you might consider spending more time in Orange County.

The Orange County Health Care agency issued a report Friday that says its residents are living longer than they did 20 years ago.

The report called, “Life Expectancy in Orange County” shows the average life span of county residents has increased by five years in a two-decade period, beginning in 1990.

As a result, an Orange County  resident born in 2010 is expected to live 81.9 years. That’s slightly more than the statewide average of 81.4 years and more three years longer than the national average, the report says.

But the data, collected from death certificates, show disparities do exist.

For instance, residents in southern part of the county  – where education and income levels are among the highest -  live longer than most who reside in the central or northern portions of the county.

And ethnicity affects lifespan, as well.  Orange County’s Asians and Pacific Islanders are living the longest – to 85 years on average; latinos rank second at 83.1 years, followed by whites at nearly 80.9 years. African American life spans lag behind at 78.2 years.  

Orange County women live longer on average than their male counterparts, 83.9 years compared to 79.8 years.