Among Super Bowl commercials Crackin' Style pistachio ad scores big

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54326 full

One of Twitter's most discussed ads on Super Bowl Sunday featured Psy, the Korean pop star behind summer hit “Gangnam Style,” and pistachios.

It was an unlikely combination, with Psy sporting a green jacket and singing about cracking open pistachios. Los Angeles-based Paramount Farms was behind the commercial, which it hopes will boost sales of its Wonderful Pistachios by 20 percent. It was the company's first Super Bowl ad.

Paramount Farms said it spent millions on the ad, but wouldn’t be more specific. The company hired Grammy-winning director Mathew Cullen to direct it. 

In the ad, Psy dances along with pistachios, with new lyrics to “Gangnam Style.” Instead of the words, "sexy lady," the song asks people to "crack your nuts now."  

After it aired, the commercial was briefly among the popular hash tags on Twitter under “Crackinstyle.” 

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