OC deputy accused of taking murderer's bribes

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Orange County Sheriff's deputy David Lloyd Cass was placed under arrest for allegedly granting an inmate favors for sex.

Orange County prosecutors say a sheriff's deputy is under arrest for allowing a convicted murderer to have his wife join him in jail for sex in exchange for bribes.

Spokeswoman Farrah Emami says 38-year-old David Lloyd Cass was charged Thursday with two felony counts of bribery and could get nearly five years in prison.

Cass is accused of allowing Stephenson Choi Kim to have sex with wife Ha Nguyen in the room where attorneys meet with their clients at Orange County jail between 2009 and 2012.

Cass is also accused of allowing Nguyen into the room without searching her, therefore allowing food, razors, a cell phone and drugs to be smuggled in.

In exchange, Cass allegedly got hockey tickets, spa gift certificates and offers of introductions to women.

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