PDF: Search warrant shows how police linked Christopher Dorner to Irvine murders

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54821 full

Police in Irvine filed a warrant last week to search the house of the mother of alleged murderer and ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner. That house was his last known residence. The document clears up the early timeline of the manhunt.

Keith Lawrence and Monica Quan were killed nearly two weeks ago in Irvine. Two days after those murders, the Irvine police got a call from the National City Police Department. National City is a town near the U.S.-Mexican border.

Authorities there found a high capacity magazine for 9 millimeter rounds and a police uniform with Christopher Dorner's name on a badge in a dumpster. Irvine police went down to National City and watched surveillance footage of a man matching Dorner's description throwing those things into the dumpster.

Once police started digging into Dorner's past they found the Facebook page where he had written his manifesto and made the link between Monica Quan and Dorner. Her father, Randall Quan, was a retired LAPD captain who had represented Dorner in a disciplinary hearing.

The document does not indicate that Irvine police believed he was being helped by any accomplices. One of Dorner's friends, a man he singled out for praise in his manifesto, was apparently helping the police.

Dorner met the man, who we are not naming, a year ago. They shared an interest in firearms. He gave the police some insight into what kind of weapons Dorner possessed, including high-powered rifles.

Search warrant for Christopher Dorner's mother's house by

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