US Holocaust Memorial Museum exhibits travel to the Skirball Sunday

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The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is marking its 20th anniversary by touring some of its exhibits across the country, stopping at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles Sunday.  During the free, day-long event, the museum will honor Holocaust survivors and World War 2 veterans.

Andy Hollinger with the Washington-based Holocaust museum says visitors can expect to see films and browse archives not usually available outside of D.C.

"They’re gonna get to see some of our collection such as films that have never before been shown outside of the museums walls," says Hollinger. "They’re gonna be able to come here and conduct family research in the museum’s archives. We’re gonna have a lot of interactive programming with historians and museum officials talking about the history of the Holocaust but really looking at the reasons for why the Holocaust happened and what it means for us today."

Hollinger says this history remains relevant. He hopes parents will bring their children so they can learn firsthand from survivors who witnessed and lived through the Holocaust and Nazi regime.

The cultural center will be open until 5 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

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