LAPD: Body found in water tank on roof of downtown Los Angeles hotel is missing Canadian tourist

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Police say a body found in a water tank on the roof of a downtown Los  Angeles hotel is a Canadian tourist who'd been missing for nearly three weeks.

LAPD Officer Diana Figueroa said Tuesday night that investigators used body markings to identify 21-year-old Elisa Lam.

The resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, traveled to California alone and was last seen at the hotel on Jan. 31.

On Tuesday, a hotel maintenance worker found the body while looking into complaints of poor water pressure. 

Capt. Jaime Moore of the L.A. Fire Department said his department received a call from Cecil's management at 10:11 a.m. saying that a member of their maintenance staff had discovered the body. 

Police say they will attempt to determine whether Lam's death was the result of foul play or a bizarre accident.

The Department of Health has done a water sample, and found no biohazard , officials said.

The Cecil Hotel, one of the area's residential hotels, serves both long-term and short-term guests.

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