UPDATE: Orange County shootings: Authorities ID female victim of Ali Syed's rampage

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Updated: Authorities have identified the first victim of Ali Syed’s shooting rampage as 20-year-old Courtney Aoki of Buena Park.
They still don’t know the relationship between her and Syed, or why she was in Syed’s house that he shared with his parents and siblings.
At a news conference Wednesday afternoon authorities described Syed as a loner who spent his considerable free time holed up playing video games. 
"He took one class,” said Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino. “He did not work. He spent a lot of time alone in his room playing video games."

He left "No note, no evidence, nothing to indicate his bizarre, violent behavior," Amormino said.
Amormino said the gun Syed used in yesterday’s deadly killing spree belonged to Syed and was legally purchased by his father.

Officials released the recording of a 911 call that Syed's parents made, the AP reports. In the call the dispatcher tried to elicit information from the shooter's panicked, sobbing mother as a house alarm blared in the background.
After shooting Aoki multiple times, Syed killed two other Orange County residents in the predawn darkness.
Melvin Edwards, 69, was a Vietnam veteran who Syed shot three times execution-style. Jeremy Lewis was a young construction worker who was shot and killed while sitting in his vehicle in Tustin.

Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer — in whose district most of the shootings occurred —  referred to “17 days of bloodshed,” counting the rampage of Christopher Dorner, which began in nearby Irvine.

“Everyone seemed to be asking the question: ‘Is Orange County and Southern California a safe place to be?”’ said Spitzer.

“As a father of two children, I’m very concerned myself,” said Spitzer. ”I’m concerned about workplace violence and school violence. This bloodshed is completely unacceptable, and all of us are scared.”

Spitzer announced a community forum to address violence in Orange County that will be held March 8.

Previously: Authorities on Wednesday were notifying the next of kin of the woman, who was shot at the home occupied by Syed in Ladera Ranch. 

Two other victims were identified earlier: Melvin Edwards, 69, who was a Vietnam veteran who was shot three times execution-style, and Jeremy Lewis, 27, a construction worker who was shot and killed while sitting in his vehicle in Tustin.

Shane Caporaso, who was working at a hotel construction site with Lewis, came over to try to help.
"I heard him chamber a round in the shotgun," Caporaso told KPCC media partner NBC LA. "I knew I had X amount of time to run. I kind of knew he was going to shoot me. I just started running and got lucky."
A short time after he was believed to have shot Caporaso in the arm, Syed took his own life as police were closing in.

Authorities still don’t have a motive for the shooting spree.

Correction: An earlier version of this post misidentified the agency that announced Aoki's identity.

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