Sequestration could mean added wait times, hassles for air travelers

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Air travel might be a hassle now, but it could be worse if the deep federal budgets cuts of sequestration start happening on March 1.  

The federal agencies that manage air traffic and airport security are facing cuts that could make long lines at airports even longer. 

If the cuts go through, the Federal Aviation Adminstration would likely consider furloughs for air traffic controllers.

That worries real estate attorney Nicholas Billings, who often flies out of the Denver area.

"If it's an air traffic controller situation, then there's more passenger safety at issue,” said Billings.

Sequestration cuts could force the Transportation Security Administration to cut overtime or even furlough screeners.

“If things get worse, you just get here three hours early instead of two and hope for the best," said film location scout Josh Burns as he waited in a line that stretched halfway across the bridge from Terminal 7  to the parking structure at Los Angeles International Airport

"We're watching developments in the sequestration situation closely,” said Mary Grady, spokeswoman for Los Angeles World Airports. “We’re waiting like everyone else is for more information.” 

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