'Do-not-drink' water order lifted at Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles where body was found

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Health officials have lifted the "do-not-drink" order at the Hotel Cecil in Downtown Los Angeles.

They had advised hotel guests last week not to drink or use the water after a maintenance worker discovered the body of Canadian tourist Elisa Lam in one of the hotel's rooftop water tanks.

Angelo Bellomo is the head of environmental health for LA County’s Department of Public Health.

“The hotel is now back on water service," Bellomo said. "It’s somewhat different than before in that the tank that was the location where the body was found is (now) no longer a part of the series of tanks that are conveying water into the building.”

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Although initial tests last week showed the hotel’s water supply was clean, the department requires that the water system be disinfected, flushed and retested before lifting the order, Bellomo said. That was completed over the weekend.

He says more cleaning and repair is required for the tank where Lam’s body was found before it can be used again.

A maintenance worker discovered the remains of Lam, who was 21, in the rooftop water tank after guests had complained about lower water pressure. Detectives are still investigating the circumstances of her death.

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