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Police seek male suspect in shooting of poll worker outside South LA school

Police investigate shooting outside of auditorium at 92nd Street Elementary School
Police investigate shooting outside of auditorium at 92nd Street Elementary School

Los Angeles police are now seeking a male suspect in the shooting of a poll worker Tuesday morning in an apparent domestic dispute in South Los Angeles just outside the auditorium of the 92nd Street Elementary School, which was serving as a polling place in the day's Los Angeles City elections.

The LAPD said two men were involved in the dispute on the street outside the school, and one man shot the other. This contradicts earlier reports that the man's girlfriend was a suspect in the shooting.

The victim went into the auditorium to call for help. He was taken to a nearby hospital, and police say his injuries are not life-threatening. Police say the suspect is still at large.

L.A. Unified School District Police Chief Steve Zipperman said the shooting had nothing to with the school's students, faculty or administrators.

The school was placed on lockdown after the incident. Authorities lifted the lockdown after a search turned up no suspects on school property. A lockdown was reinstated after a report that a woman had fled the auditorium to an empty classroom. The woman turned out to be a school employee, and the lockdown was lifted for a second time.

"We are now quite satisfied that there are no suspects in and around this location," Zipperman told reporters gathered across the street from the school. "LAPD and Sheriff's [deputies] are conducting a follow-up investigation, and the school is now placed off lockdown." 

School staff met with concerned parents as they arrived at the school's parking lot on Grape Street. 

The auditorium was closed to voting for about a half hour, but voting resumed after the Registrar-Recorder dispatched a mobile polling place and parked it in the school parking lot. It's a large recreational vehicle with voting booths inside.