Consortium of police unions backs out of $50K pledged for Dorner reward

Dorner Roadblock

Grant Slater/KPCC

California Highway Patrol officers block off Highway 38 at Angelus Oaks; beyond the block is where police confronted Christopher Dorner and chased him to a cabin.

An umbrella group for California police unions says it is pulling its contribution to a $1.2 million reward offered in the hunt for rogue ex-cop Christopher Dorner.

The president of the 64,000-member Peace Officers Research Association of California says the organization's board of directors voted Thursday to withdraw $50,000 from the huge amount collected from more than two dozen entities.

Ron Cottingham says the conditions for the reward to be issued — Dorner's arrest and conviction — don't apply.

“Our contribution or our pledge was that it would be for the arrest and conviction of Christopher Dorner," said Cottingham. "Obviously, there was no arrest, there was no conviction.”

Cottingham said he understands the concerns of those who've put in for the reward—as well as those worried that public trust erodes when rewards aren't paid out.

"Law enforcement works on a code and having things written down," Cottingham said. "That's how we discern if a crime is committed. We're very specific, we're evidence based. And when things change on us, we have to go back and look at everything."

Based on the information the PORAC Board of Directors had at their disposal, Cottingham said, they decided the reward criteria had not been met.

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The city of Riverside said earlier this week it cannot pay the $100,000 it offered because the arrest-and-conviction conditions weren't met.

Authorities say Dorner killed four people, including two police officers, before apparently killing himself last month.

A couple and a man who encountered Dorner have made claims for the reward.

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