Powerball fever hits SoCal; people line up for new lotto

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People stopped at stores throughout California Monday to buy Powerball tickets as California became the 43rd state to offer the lottery. 

Retiree Luis Guzman walked into Bluebird Liquor store in Hawthorne with his Powerball play slip already filled out.

“I’m trying to see if we’re going to be lucky over here with this Powerball,” Guzman said as he joined about a dozen others in line.  

Railroad conductor Andrea Harris had her ticket in hand and was leaving. But after Harris walked to her car, she did an about-face and returned.

“I'm back in line again," Harris said with a smile. "I’ll probably just play one more, one more lucky one, one more quick pick.” 

People started standing in line at 6 a.m. Monday at the store as the Powerball lottery tickets went on sale for the first time in California.

Dennis Doresy said he won $500 in this store three weeks ago. He  usually plays the instant scratch offs.  Today he played "the ball" -  $10 worth.

Powerball tickets costs $2 each. The drawings are held each Wednesday and Saturday. The Bluebird Liquor store has had its share of winners in the past. Customers said they remember one person once winning more than $1 million.

State lottery officials expect the game will help California rake in at least $45 million in additional money for schools. 

The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) operates the Powerball lotttery.

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