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The winner of Public Radio Bracket Madness: This American Life (Update)

Host Ira Glass celebrates the
Host Ira Glass celebrates the "This American Life" triumph in KPCC's Public Radio Bracket Madness tournament by holding up the trophy: The Golden Radio.
Courtesy Facebook/This American Life

UPDATE 10:26 a.m.: A competition is not truly over until the winner can hold up the trophy.

As you can see above, the task is complete as “This American Life” Host Ira Glass holds up the Public Radio Bracket Madness 2013 Golden Radio trophy. (See more of Ira on "This American Life"'s Facebook page.)

Scroll through the slideshow above to see Glass celebrate the victory over 31 other public radio shows.

PREVIOUSLY: Once there were 32 … now there is one.

Ladies and gentlemen, after a finals with almost 50,000 votes cast, we can announce the winner of Public Radio Bracket Madness and the 2013 Golden Radio trophy: “This American Life.”

The trophy — it's depicted above — has been dispatched to the “This American Life” offices. You can also listen to our analysis of the winner on Monday's Take Two

Sorry, “Radiolab” hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich — you don’t get to fight over whose mantel it goes on. But we still love you.

Thanks to all the shows who hopefully took this all in good fun, and to all of you for voting for your public radio heroes. Now go listen to more public radio and fall even more deeply in love with your favorite shows, and maybe we’ll see you back here next year. (64 teams? Regional divisions? Voting via Vine video post? The possibilities are endless!)

Which shows should we include in next year's Public Radio Bracket Madness? Let us know in the comments below.