Mountain lion captured after roaming through Glendale neighborhood

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A large mountain lion found wandering through backyards in the Glendale area has been tranquilized and captured.

A nearby homeowner who told NBC LA that the mountain lion was seen on a neighbor's front porch. An initial sighting was reported at about noon Thursday.

"There he was, just looking at me," said homeowner John Yankowsky, who saw the cougar through a sliding glass door, according to NBC LA.

Nearly two hours after it was first spotted, California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers tranquilized the mountain lion, and planned to release it back in its habitat.

Video from the scene had shown the big cat leaping powerfully over a white fence in a home's yard, and aerial video showed the animal later strolling cautiously across the grass of another home.

As the limp animal was laid into the truck's bed, as shown below, dozens of area residents, police and media surrounded the vehicle and snapped photos. Wardens said the big cat  was a 125-pound male that was tranquilized three times before it was subdued, according to NBC LA.



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