Patt Morrison recycles, and 6 other ways to go green on Earth Day

An artist's interpretation of Earth Day.
An artist's interpretation of Earth Day.
Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

In light of Earth Day, we asked KPCC staff: "What's one eco-friendly activity you've incorporated into your everyday life?"

Below is a roundup of some of the best answers.

What do you do that's green? Tweet us your responses at @KPCC using the hashtag #earthday.

"I go through the trash bins at KPCC, at Starbucks and elsewhere and carry home to recycle what other people don't bother to. I take old newspapers to the animal shelter, which sorely needs them. I bought a supply of glass medical straws so I don't have to use wasteful plastic ones. In restaurants, after the meal, I take all the glasses of leftover water on my table and carry them outside to dump into grass or plants...I take all the leftover food my companions don't want, including bread, and box it up for meals for homeless people." – Patt Morrison, KPCC host

"Instead of wasting a disposable plastic or paper cup to drink water, I use a reusable mug." – Matt Lee, KPCC's social media intern.

"My Greek yogurt containers are my new Tupperware containers!" —Kitty Felde, KPCC's Washington, D.C. correspondent.

"I love to thrift. I bought this bag about five years ago for $10 at a store in Columbia, Missouri.  Some of my favorite spots in the L.A.-area include Good Will on 6th and Sun Thrift Store in Sunland." – Kristen Lepore, KPCC's associate editor of social media and outreach.

"I always recycle my diet coke cans!" —Patrick Lee, KPCC's managing editor of digital.

"I get hand-me-down clothes from friends and relatives for my kids, and in turn, I pass all my kids clothes on to other parents with younger children when they no longer fit."  – Deepa Fernandes, KPCC's early childhood corespondent.

"I carpool to KPCC twice a week with my project manager. I use heavy blankets and sweaters instead of turning on the heat when it falls to 65 degrees or below. I always remove anything heavy (like musical equipment) from my car to improve MPG when I drive around. I keep interactions with my friends and the outside world to an absolute minimum so I don't have to leave my house. I turn off the water when I shave or brush my teeth." – Ben Hochberg, KPCC's senior mobile developer.

Enough about us. What do you do that's environmentally conscious? Tweet us a pic @KPCC using the hashtag #earthday, or let us know in comments.