UPDATE: LAPD to probe allegations of excessive force, profiling in shutting down USC party (VIDEO)

LAPD officers responding to a USC house party noise disturbance Saturday, May 4, 2013.
LAPD officers responding to a USC house party noise disturbance Saturday, May 4, 2013.
Lamar Gary/YouTube

Update 4 46 p.m.: LAPD to investigate

The LAPD will open an investigation into the circumstances surrounding their shutdown of a campus party Saturday morning. 

The Los Angeles Times reports the internal investigation will consider LAPD's use of force and whether the incident was an instance of racial profiling, as alleged by many at the event. 

For their part, USC's on campus police force issued a statement welcoming the investigation. Head of public safety at USC John Thomas wrote:

"The Los Angeles Police Department has taken a necessary first step by starting an investigation into Saturday morning's events. We hope the investigation will address our concerns and those of students involved. We are in constant communication with senior officers at the LAPD as they discuss solutions to ensure that the response of LAPD to complaints about student parties is properly calibrated."

11:03 a.m.: USC partygoers allege LAPD used excessive force at weekend house party

A group of students who attended a party near USC over the weekend allege LAPD officers engaged in racial profiling and used what they call "excessive force" when responding to a noise complaint.

Police say they responded to a loud noise call sometime after 2 a.m. on Saturday morning at 23rd Street and Hoover Avenue.

There were two house parties going on across the street from each other. Police say the first party listened when officers told to them to shut down the party. While officers were responding to the second party, police say the first party started to get loud again.

USC senior Nate Howard said he hosted that party to celebrate the end of classes. He told NBC4 that when he confronted police, he was pushed, handcuffed behind his back and taken to a police car — as were several others.

"I mean this is racial profiling because it's happened too many times in the USC community. We're students of color, the music we play is hip-hop and LAPD came and specifically targeted us," Howard said. "It had to have been loud, but there was also a party across the street, mostly white partygoers; they were told to stay in the house and be safe while they handled us across the street." 

LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman said six people were arrested during the incident because they were interfering with officers and failed to disperse.

"The officers started to receive bottles and debris was being thrown at them, so an assistance call was put out," he said. "Additional units responded to assist with dispersing the party and the crowds."

Neiman estimates there were a few hundred people present between the two parties and a few dozen officers responded. One officer hurt their shoulder and two people suffered minor scrapes.

Students plan to protest the incident by hosting a "sit-in" Monday on campus at noon.

LAPD and USC's Department of Public Safety will host a forum Tuesday at 6 p.m. on the USC campus to discuss concerns that may have arisen from the incident.

"Southwest Division has received several complaints from citizens regarding the incident that occurred, and we will investigate those fully to find out what acutally happened," Neiman said.

A video was posted by someone who said they were an attendee at the party showing the officers on the scene: