LA Clippers conduct exit interviews with coaches and players to decide team's future

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Executives for the Los Angeles Clippers are getting feedback from coaches and players before making a decision about the team's future ... namely, whether to invite back head coach Vinny Del Negro.

The Memphis Grizzlies eliminated the Clippers from the Western Conference playoffs on Friday.

General Manager Gary Sacks says the team wants to move ahead quickly but carefully.

"Of course you're going to listen to your star players," Sacks told reporters today. "You're going to listen to all your employees and all your players when you make these kinds of decisions but I don't think that's unusual for a team to do that." 

Del Negro says he's ready for whatever happens.

“The front office people, they’ll evaluate and then we’ll get together and see where everything stands in terms of the comfort level that they have, the comfort level that I have," Del Negro says. "(We'll) make sure we’re all pulling in the same direction... to improve obviously as the season progresses throughout the summer and next season.” 

Del Negro says despite some challenges, he’s proud the team set a franchise record by winning 56 games in the regular season.  

Sacks says he's talked to All-Star point guard Chris Paul, but there's no word yet on whether he'll re-sign with the Clippers. Paul becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1st.


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