Bratton: Oakland's police lack accountability (Full report)

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Once-Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton after his last press conference on October 28, 2009 in L.A.

A report by former Los Angeles police chief Bill Bratton says that high-ranking Oakland police officers are not being held properly accountable for the crimes occurring in the areas they oversee.

Bratton's consulting group, The Bratton Group LLC, on Thursday recommended that the department patrol the city in five districts, each led by a captain who will oversee a group of officers that can respond to crimes more effectively.

Bratton's group believes the city would see a reduction in crime within six months.

Acting Police Chief Anthony Toribio said the department had already established two districts in East Oakland prior to the report's release.

The report was issued a week after a court-appointed overseer criticized department leadership, and a day after Police Chief Howard Jordan surprisingly stepped down citing health issues.

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