Gov Brown keeps pressing climate change crusade

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Gov. Jerry Brown kept crusading Thursday for climate change, joining scientists who released a 20-page call to action on environmental problems such as pollution, extinctions and population growth.
Brown appeared with Silicon Valley leaders and climate scientists at a conference at NASA Ames Research Center focusing on climate disruption.
The governor has repeatedly called for revisions in public policy to better address the impacts of the changing climate on the world's economy and environment. At a University of California, Berkeley commencement on Monday, he warned students that climate change will be a greater concern for them than mortgages, debt or war.
Sustainable Silicon Valley president Marianna Grossman opened the conference, noting that worldwide levels of the chief greenhouse gas that causes global warming hit a level never before encountered by humans.
Silicon Valley and NASA both tackle "big audacious challenges that are impossible," she said, from sending people into space to creating revolutionary technologies.
"We want to apply that ingenuity to the challenges of the planet," she said.

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