Assembly approves bill to ease teacher firing

Miramonte Elementary School

Grant Slater/KPCC

Parents of students at Miramonte Elementary School escort children out of school on Feb. 6, 2012. The school has been embroiled in a sexual abuse scandal that sparked more than 200 lawsuits over a teacher accused of 23 counts of lewd acts with children.

The state Assembly has passed a labor-backed bill that would make it easier to discipline and fire teachers accused of misconduct.

Lawmakers approved AB375 by Democratic Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan of Alamo on a 51-12 vote Wednesday. The bill would speed up the appeals process after a teacher is fired and add homicide charges to the list of offenses that can prompt a teacher's removal.

It would allow school districts to immediately remove a teacher accused of child or sexual abuse from the classroom.

The bill was in response to the arrest of a teacher at a Los Angeles elementary school last year who was charged with 23 counts of engaging in lewd conduct with students.

Republican Assemblyman Don Wagner of Irvine warned that it won't make firing bad teachers easier.

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