DWP crews work to repair Hollywood water main that flooded apartment garage

NBC Los Angeles

A broken water main flooded an apartment's garage Wednesday night, May 29, 2013.

Department of Water and Power crews are fixing a water main that broke Wednesday night in Hollywood. The water flooded an apartment building's garage and caused some damage to two apartments.

Christine Hawkins told NBC4 she got home and panicked. 

"So I ran thinking, 'please let the computer be OK,' got in there, could see all this mud all over the floor, there was water all over the floor, and I thought that's a bit weird," Hawkins said. "And I could see it was coming from the corners, and I realized it was coming from outside. So I didn't think too much about what had happened. I just started grabbing stuff."

One lane on the northbound side of Cahuenga Boulevard near the Hollywood Bowl is closed until noon or so. A utility spokeswoman said about 30 customers won't have water until then. No word yet on what caused the 12-inch pipe to break.

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