Learn how to save a life in just minutes during Sidewalk CPR Day

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Lynnette Round of the Orange County Fire Authority demonstrates CPR on her son during a mock drowning exercise in Irvine.

Los Angeles County firefighters and lifeguards are teaming up Tuesday to offer free "hands-only" CPR lessons at more than 80 locations throughout the county at Sidewalk CPR Day.

The lessons require no appointment, take between five and ten minutes and may help you save the life of a loved one who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, says the L.A. County Fire Department. 

Each year sudden cardiac arrest claims the lives of 360,000 people in the US. More than  90 percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before they reach a hospital, in many cases because they didn’t receive life saving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), according to the American Heart Association. 

Sudden cardiac arrest happens when the heart malfunctions and unexpectedly stops beating. It’s different from a heart attack, in that it’s an "electrical" problem in the heart rather than a circulatory one caused by blocked arteries. 

The American Heart Association says providing immediate CPR to a cardiac arrest victim as he or she awaits medical help can double or even triple the chance they'll survive.

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