Kelly Soo Park acquitted of murdering aspiring model in Santa Monica apartment

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Jurors in the trial of Kelly Soo Park, a woman accused of killing an aspiring model in her Santa Monica apartment in 2008, have acquitted Park of first-degree and second-degree murder.

The verdict prompted friends of the victim, Juliana Redding, to scream and call Park a murderer in a Los Angeles courtroom. Park had to be escorted out a back way.

Investigators said they suspected a doctor who had once dated Redding gave Park, his associate, a six-figure payment to kill the younger woman shortly after a business deal soured with Redding's father. But the doctor was never charged.

Park was accused of going to Redding's apartment on Centinela Avenue five years ago and killing her with her bare hands. Court papers described her as a "female James Bond."

Jurors heard evidence that Park's DNA was found on the victim's neck and elsewhere at the crime scene, but the defense argued that it could've been transferred earlier, through their common link with the doctor at his home.

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