Skywritten #SOS causes concern in LA

Kristen Lepore/ KPCC

What appeared to be a call for help in L.A. and Orange County skies caused some concern Sunday. The hashtagged "S.O.S." letters, in turns out, weren't intended to be a cloud-borne Morse code distress signal, but an invitation to a local theme park. 

Universal Studios has been using the #SOS tag as part of a promotion for their "Summer of Survival" events. Reports NBC Los Angeles (which is owned by Universal): 

Dozens of curious -- and some concerned -- Angelenos contacted NBC4 Saturday afternoon about the message, typically an international distress signal. But in this case, SOS stood for “Summer of Survival," Universal Studios’ promotion of their Transformers The Ride – 3D and King Kong 360 | 3D attractions.

Concerned and confused Angelenos took to Twitter and other social networks and used the #SOS hashtag, though maybe not as the promotion's creators may have envisioned: