LAPD releases video of suspect in ambush shooting of officers (Video)

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LosĀ AngelesĀ police Chief Charlie Beck has released a surveillance video hoping the public can identify a man believed to be the suspect in the shooting of two detectives.

In a press conference Wednesday, Beck showed the black-and-white video from a camera stationed across the street of a man who was carrying something that is believed to be a revolver. Beck said the suspect's action don't appear to be accidental.

"We do not believe the officers were specifically targeted but until we identify and apprehend the suspect it's impossible to know," Beck said.

Police described the suspect as a medium build man with a mustache and goatee wearing dark clothing.

The two detectives suffered minor wounds when they were ambushed outside the LAPD's Wilshire station early Tuesday.

Hundreds of officers sealed off 25 blocks of the busy Mid-City area for hours Tuesday and detained 11 people but never found the gunman.

Beck also addressed a second officer shooting that happened Tuesday evening at a house in the South Los Angeles neighborhood of Willowbrook.

"I am positive that they are not connected," he said. "The distance is too great. Obviously, the parole-probation search is an officer initiated activity unlike the randomness on the first occurrence."

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