Police seek help in identifying suspect in freeway shooting

Freeway Shooting

Los Angeles Police Department

Composite sketch of possible suspect in a freeway shooting on the 110 Freeway in South Los Angeles in which a man was shot in the head.

Los Angeles police are searching for clues to help identify a suspect after a man was shot in the head on the 110 Freeway in South Los Angeles on Tuesday.

It was 12:30 p.m. — lunchtime traffic — when a dark sedan with two men inside pulled up to another car on the freeway. The vehicles were close to the Florence and Gage off ramps when a gun aimed at the driver of a white Pontiac went off.

Elroy Schneck, 41, was struck in the head. He was hospitalized and in critical condition on Wednesday evening, police said.

Police were unsure if this was a violent case of road rage or if the 41-year-old driver was being followed from the 105 East, according to Det. Chris Barling of LAPD’s 77th Division.

“It’s unclear right now because I don’t have any witness who’ve come forward to say, ‘Hey somebody was driving erratically or somebody cut somebody else off or they were chasing each other down the freeway.' It doesn’t appear that way," Barling said.

Barling went on to say that they have no witnesses who’ve said they saw a traffic fight or that the victim was targeted. They have very few people who’ve come forward at all.

Barling hopes someone can identify two men in their 20s in a dark four-door car on the freeway around the time of the shooting. Police released a composite sketch showing what the suspect may look like.

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