Social media reacts ahead of AQMD vote on fire pits (poll)

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AQMD is slated to vote Friday on whether or not restrictions on fire pits will be implemented. The agency previously conducted studies showing that smoke from the fires are harmful to beach goers and nearby residents. 

When we asked folks on social media, we saw an overwhelming plume of support for the fire pits. 

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Where do you stand on the issue? Here's a round-up of comments from social media. Take our poll, and let us know your thoughts on the issue in the comments. 

KPCC's Ben Bergman will live tweet from the meeting beginning about 9 a.m. Friday.

Some folks expressed sadness after hearing that the SoCal tradition could come to an end: 

This is soooo sad. CA residents all have fond memories of enjoying a bonfire at some point in their lives. I really hope we can keep tradition going for generations to come and enjoy this simple pleasure in the future.

— A.Y. Lee

Keep the beach fire pits. Most are far enough away from homes (except for a few in Newport Beach) that the smoke is well-dissipated before there is any impact. This is an inexpensive tradition in Southern California that should stay.

— Alan Ray

Some were angry and urged others to rearrange their priorities:

Time to worry about other more pressing issues than bonfires at the beach. Something people enjoy with family and friends. Go fix a pothole. Worry about making the streets safer for now.

— Jeremy Miller Really

the 15 biggest Cargo ships in the sea put out pollution equal to almost 800 Million cars, but yeah, let's focus on these horrible, marshmallow roasting fire pits for destroying the environment.

— Roo Smith

Housing tracts adjacent to freeways have been shown to have terrible air quality. Far worse than the "spike" in carcinogens for homeowners near beach fires. But I guess we only need to worry about the air breathed by multi-millionaires...

— Krista Murphy

Some blamed the wealthy: 

All because some wealthy homeowners want them banned. 

— Jason F. Renzi

They don't like poor people on their beaches.

— William Pasillas

I think we have a bunch of entitled Newport narcissists who bought homes on public beaches with fire rings who now feel it's their right to take them away from the public as if they owned the beaches. If you don't want to live by a public beach with fire rings, don't buy a house that's next to a public beach with fire rings. It's not like people in Newport couldn't afford to buy anywhere else and were forced there by circumstance. They chose to live there, and they can choose to move away if they no longer want to live by a public beach with fire rings.

— Stephen Jude Salazar

Gazillionaires want their beachfront nights to themselves, keeping it away from SoCal citizens and world tourists from experiencing the famous SoCal beach nights and from enjoying their marshmallows.

— Dennis San Vicente

The pragmatic offered solutions:

Absolutely not. They can sell wood or fire bricks that don't create much smoke. In other words, could make money AND help those who don't like the smoke.

— June Burlingame Smith

Get them a broom so they can sweep off the soot! Keep the fire rings for the enjoyment of the majority who cant afford to buy beach front property.

— Nadine Kelley

Just issue permits to use with a deposit, so if they leave the area messy their deposit is collected because of the mess. I dont think the smoke is that bad compared to our local wildfires in the hills. LEAVE EM ALONE!!!!

—Mike Bartolo

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