Prop 8: Calif. Supreme Court declines to stop gay marriages

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The California Supreme Court is refusing to order the state to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The court issued an order Monday denying the request by backers of the state's same-sex marriage ban for an emergency order that would have required the state to keep enforcing a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages.

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The U.S. Supreme Court last month cleared the way for gay marriages to resume in the nation's most populous state by dismissing the backer's appeal of a lower court ruling that found Proposition 8 unconstitutional.

The state's highest court still plans to separately consider whether that lower court ruling effectively legalized gay marriages statewide or only in Los Angeles and Alameda counties.

The two couples who sued to strike down the ban live in those counties.

Project Marriage, one of the proponents of Prop 8, issued this statement Monday from Austin R. Nimocks, senior counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom:

“Everyone on all sides of the marriage debate should agree that the legal process must be followed. Although we would have preferred for the California Supreme Court to issue a stay so that the state’s marriage amendment would be respected sooner rather than later, the proponents of Proposition 8 will continue to urge the court to uphold the rule of law. We remain hopeful that the court will recognize that Proposition 8 remains the law of the land in California and that county clerks must continue to enforce it.”

California Attorney General Kamala Harris noted the court's ruling on Twitter:

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