San Diego mayor asks city to pay legal bills with 2 recall efforts underway

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has said he will enter an
San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has said he will enter an "intensive" behavioral therapy program but will continue to manage city business after several women came forward with accusations he sexually harassed them and members of his own political party called for his resignation.
Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

Dueling efforts to recall San Diego Mayor Bob Filner are underway as the leader of the nation's eighth-largest city ignores mounting calls that he resign over allegations of sexual harassment.

Land-use surveyor Michael Pallamary on Monday accused the leader of another recall campaign of being a stealth supporter of the mayor and threatened to file a complaint with the San Diego County district attorney's office alleging election law violations.

Pallamary published a newspaper notice Sunday to mark the first step of a recall bid, two days after gay rights activist Stampp Corbin did so. Corbin had been an ardent Filner supporter.

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Pallamary says he expects the city attorney's office to rule soon on whether the two recall campaigns can run concurrently.

At the same time, Filner's attorney has asked the city council to pay his legal bills as he defends against his accusers, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.

Several council members have already said they should not be forced to pay Filner's legal fees, according to the Times. The council will consider the request in closed session on Tuesday.