POLL: CBS, Time Warner trying to settle fee dispute that's left LA without access

TWC CBS Negotiations


Rush hour commuters on Friday were treated to a giant electronic update on CBS’s Cube in the heart of Time Square after soured negotiations prompted Time Warner Cable to drop CBS.

Time Warner Cable and CBS say they are trying to settle a fee dispute that has left three million customers without the network's programs. Time Warner dropped CBS Friday in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and several other cities.

A Time Warner spokeswoman says negotiations are ongoing. CBS says it expects talks to resume soon.

Neither side would say Saturday if there was a chance the standoff could end quickly.

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Each side is accusing the other of being unreasonable in a dispute over fees that Time Warner pays CBS to air programs.

Without a deal, Time Warner customers won't see CBS programs such as "Under the Dome." They'll also miss Tiger Woods trying for his 8th win at Firestone Country Club near Akron, Ohio. CBS is the nation's most-watched network.

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