Officials don't expect tourists to be scared away by deadly Venice boardwalk hit-and-run

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Close to 100,000 Italians visited the Los Angeles-area last year, and tourism officials say it’s unlikely they will be scared away after an Italian on her honeymoon was killed in this weekend’s hit-and-run in Venice.

The death of 32-year-old Alice Gruppioni generated worldwide headlines. She had been married for only two weeks when she was struck by a car on the Venice boardwalk. Her new husband – and 14 others – were also injured.

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A tragedy – but just one story out of many about L.A.

“There’s so much other news coming out from L.A. about other things happening in the area that it all balances out,” said Susan Lomax, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board.

Lomax reminds anyone considering a trip to L.A. just how safe the city is.

"When unfortunate events like this happen, we do reinforce that it’s safer today than it’s been since the 1950’s,” said Lomax.

With attractions like Muscle Beach and its own canals, Venice attracts about 10 million visitors a year.

Donna Lasman, Executive Director of the Venice Chamber of Commerce, doesn’t see that changing.

“We don’t expect there will be any significant impact on tourism in the Venice area,” said Lasman.

Before this weekend, only one person had been killed in Venice since June of 2012.

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