Nurse: San Diego Mayor Filner demanded date to help injured Iraq veteran get treatment

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A nurse says earlier this year San Diego Mayor Bob Filner demanded a date in exchange for help in getting treatment for an injured veteran.

Michelle Tyler told a news conference Tuesday she met with Filner on June 11 to ask for his help with Veterans Affairs on behalf of Katherine Ragazzino, who was injured in Iraq.

Tyler says she first met with Filner on the same issue in 2011, when he was a congressman, and reached out again in June.

Tyler says she was in a meeting with Filner and Ragazzino and a Veterans Affairs representative when he requested to be alone with her before repeatedly asking for a date.

Ten other women have made similar allegations against Filner, claiming inappropriate advances and contact.

AUDIO: KPCC's Nick Roman talks with Sandhya Dirks, who's been covering the Filner story for San Diego public radio station KPBS. 


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