New York Times website goes down for nearly 2 hours

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The New York Times website went down for nearly two hours Wednesday morning and it was not immediately clear what caused the outage.

Spokeswoman Danielle Rhodes Ha told the Associated Press the newspaper was looking into the cause. The company offered no further details.

The New York Times' main site and mobile app went down a little after 11 a.m. ET, when users who tried to visit received a "Service Unavailable" message, according to NPR.

The company's newspaper and corporate sites also appeared to be unreachable. Emails sent to New York Times email addresses were returned as undeliverable, the AP reported.

The outage happened against a backdrop of unrest in Egypt, so The Times' Lede blog had recommended following its correspondents on Twitter for updates on the crackdown there, NPR reported.

The Times sent the following messages from its Twitter accounts before it came back online:


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